MONTH 3: Call of the Wild

As our cities grow and the human ecological footprint increases, the health and biodiversity of surrounding ecosystems is at risk. Between 300 million and 1 billion birds die each year from building collisions. Studies have also shown that the DNA and skillets of certain species differs from their woodland counterparts in order to survive the […]

MONTH 2: Gender Neutral Spaces of Equality

This topic explores the existing tensions among the LGBTQ2SIA+ community regarding prescribed public space (most commonly public WRs) and the precedents that offer solutions to our evolving social norms. How do we build a future with gender neutral spaces of equality integrated into our everyday lives? Is architecture keeping up with this evolution? What is […]

BEAA Perspectives

BEAA Perspectives is an initiative of Building Equality in Architecture Atlantic, a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting equality, inclusion and diversity within the profession.