BEAA Perspectives

BEAA Perspectives is an initiative of Building Equality in Architecture Atlantic, a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting equality, inclusion and diversity within the profession. Perspectives will invite, share and compile resources on related issues through focused topics and content released via social media. 

With the intention to create space for active listening, conversation, personal unlearning, and professional responsibility, our hope is to shift perspectives toward advancement of equitable built environments for all.

The experience of architecture is informed by a person’s lived experience. The richness and multiplicity of built and unbuilt landscapes ought to be reflected in the professions and the cultural products that they inspire.

We are proud to announce the beginning of BEAA PERSPECTIVES, a volunteer-lead initiative to listen, to share, to unlearn, and to advance equitable built environments for all. Be sure to follow as we share monthly installments that interrogate the professions, the projects, and the power structures that predominate the narrative of the built environment. When you’re ready to share your own PERSPECTIVE– we’re ready to share the platform.

The first instalment will be posted this Friday, April 1st, at 12:00pm AST/ 12:30pm NST.