Stay in Touch with BEAA

Here are the ways to stay involved in the BEAA community during these unprecedented times:

  • Join our one of the BEAA committees AND volunteer to lead a subcommittee. In the next month, we will be putting out the call for people with experience and interest in governancemarketing, programming, event planning, accounting and community partnerships to help us grow BEA in Atlantic Canada.
  • Volunteer. BEAA is always looking for people to help run events the day of, develop graphics for event posters and other forms of media, and to spread the word about BEAA programs. Not able to volunteer at this moment but interested in the future?Let us know when the time is right. In the meantime, stay up to date on what is happening through our newsletter.
  • Sign up to host a BEAA Social or BEAA Talk. This can be done remotely while we’re in social distancing mode – OR once we’re back to normal. Interested? Send us an email.